GE Appliance Repair Chicago

A Brief History on General Electric (GE) Appliances

The General Electric Company itself was created as the result of another industry-changing tie-up: For the sake of efficiency and mutual access to patents, Thomas Edison’s Electric Company merged with competitor Thomas-Houston Company in 1892. From that time forward, industrial and scientific development became the hallmark of the organization, including advances in electric lighting, transportation and—of course—electric appliances.

General Electric and Hotpoint appliances have been around from the start. They were built in the USA with quality and workmanship that you can’t find today. They are a household name and continue to fill your home with the latest updates in technology. Everyone at one time or another owned a GE appliance at some point. They are what we call the middle of the line, good quality at a fair price. GE has been known to make some of the best refrigerators ever produced. We should know. We have been fixing them for 35 years now.

General Electric Refrigerators – Repair

General Electric refrigerator repairs are some of the most advanced stuff we do. GE refrigerators are packed with all of the goodies we enjoy to own, built in ice makers, French doors and split systems for the fridge side and freezer side to ensure perfect temperatures for each. We see common repairs like water that leaks onto the floor. Most of the time it is a clogged drain or the refrigerator side is not cold enough. It usually means someone left the doors open a little. Most times it is the simple stuff you tend to overlook.

If you are in need of a GE Refrigerator Repair in Chicago, call us today at: 844-292-6646


General Electric Washing Machine & Dryer Repair Chicago

Is your GE washer not spinning, or leaking water onto the floor? We have been servicing GE washing machines for over 35 years and we are truly the experts on this. Most of the time it is as simple as a sock stuck in the pump – the machine will not spin with water stuck in the tub. If you find that your clothes dryer stops heating or stops spinning – no need to panic – most of the time a simple igniter or belt needs repair. For GE Washing Machine or Dryer Repair Call us today at 844-292-6646

General Electric Dishwashers – Repair

GE dishwashers commonly get clogged and cause the dishwasher not to pump out the water. Check under the sink at the connection for a buildup of debris. If this does not solve the problem give us a call . Our factory trained technicians have the parts and experience necessary to solve your problem quickly and affordably.

General Electric Oven Repair Chicago

General Electric oven repairs are straight forward, they are good quality ovens and are simple to repair. Our well-trained technicians will quickly and safely repair your gas or electric oven back to normal again in one trip in most cases. Most times just changing an igniter or spark module is all it takes to get the job done. So if your oven is taking too long to light, or you smell gas when you are using it, give us a call, set up an appointment and we will be right over.